Christopher Sollinger is an art director and consultant based in New York City. He regularly contributes to W Korea, Harper's Bazaar International editions, and various Vogues. Christopher and his company Soda Jones consult for fashion brands and fortune 500 companies.
Soda Jones is a boutique agency specializing in consulting, advertising, and production for fashion industry projects. 
We assemble teams of stylists, hair & make-up artists, photographers, and models catered to our client’s creative visions, desires, and brand.
Soda Jones has special relationships with top agencies in New York, London, and Milan. We have access to a variety of creative specialists from casting to set builders, among other variations of art forms.
Our mission is to provide clients with a hands on approach, offering new solutions and ideas to: advertising campaigns, catalogue, editorial, video projects, look books, marketing materials, and fashion shows.

Brand Identity & Reinvention
Visual & Graphic Design
Digital Content & Branding
Social Media
Product Design
Celebrity Casting


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